From/Since Time Immemorial

The exhibition is bifurcated in two parts: a physical one and a digital one.

The physical one was composed by an installation of 180m of chains, 2 tons of sand and sound; and by a TV with a video, the visual documentation of one moment of the one-month performance.

Everyday, the three artists intertwined the chains between the walls of the space, and took it off, deinterlacing again the chains itself. At the first day, they placed the sand, hand by hand, at the ground. In an excessive, obcessive, exercise of thinking, contacting and documenting, the artists connected each other for 24/7, face to face and via net, taking and extremely amount of photos, sounds and videos of the everyday actions. The performance was crystalized with their last act, their last movements.

At the end of the three days exhibition, where people entered their infinite-web-layered universe, random people that replied to a facebook post, that shared the hypothesis to pick up the two tons of sand, came to pick it. A family that was about to construct a playground at a nursery, two man who wanted to put it in their yard. Part of the exhibiton came to an end when the sand was gone, at the last day of the three days. Half of it lives at the web, infinitely.

Exhibition curated and produced by Adriana João, Filipa Alves and Gabriel Siams, in May 2020 at EGEU.

Clothing by Vânia Barros and Website by Joana Franco.

Documentation's fragment of the exhibition's physical part:

Exhibition's digital part:

From/Since Time Immemorial